9 Things to Put on the Fresher Resume 2019 with No Work Experience

It's hard to know what to include on a fresher resume 2019 when you don't have much experience or many skills. Or at least it seems to be the case until you realize that you really do have the right capabilities and qualities to do the job of your dreams. So what career advice for 2019 you have to pay attention to? When it comes to writing your very first resume, you have much to learn and little time in which to do so, but it's entirely possible to make a complete success of it when you've got the right expert advice at hand.

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Choosing the Best Resume Format 2019 for Fresher Students

If you don't think that your school achievements can help to get you a great job, then you haven't considered the best resume format 2019 for fresher students. You probably have spent time doing all kinds of things for various clubs and organizations, and you certainly will have developed a range of different skills that can be applied to a number of different jobs..

Take a look at the best rules for writing a resume 2019!

Whether you're big on charity and volunteering for good causes, or you're more into the academic side of school life, you'll have something that's worth adding to your best resume for internship 2019 applications. Consider where your strengths lie and you'll quickly identify which facts and figures you can safely put on your resume and get that job or internship position that you've always wanted.

Oftentimes, the tasks you'll get saddled with as part of a new job will be a genuine first-time experience, but your existing skills will have already shown your employer that you're up to the challenge. Consider taking a skills-based approach and you'll soon have the best resume for internship 2019.

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What to Add to a Fresher Resume

There are all kinds of features that you can add to your very first resume, and the best resume format for internship 2019 will include at least some of the 9 important things outlined below. Combine these gems of wisdom with some expert resume samples and examples, and you'll be right on the path to success before you know it.

  • Start by listing your educational achievements. They comprise the majority of what you have worked towards in your life so far and as such, they ought to be focused on. You should include anything that makes you stand out from the crowd even remotely, and this means things like specific honors or awards with which you were presented. If you've taken any advanced placement courses or have learned anything that can be applied to a practical job, that'll already out you ahead of most of your peers.
  • Don't neglect your experience section. It doesn't have to come from anything particularly formal and doesn't even need to constitute that which was gained from paid employment. Even if you just had a little experience working on your student council or you've done a few odd jobs here and there, you can use this to demonstrate that you are ready and willing to develop the skills gained from these relatively less significant moments.
  • Add a skills section to highlight whatever sets you apart from your peers. Despite the fact that you might not yet have much work experience, you still have abilities and qualities that are much sought after in the world of work. Whether you've acquired a high degree of computer literacy or you speak a second or even third language to a good level, these are skills that are worth having and you should be proud to mention them as an integral part of your first resume.
  • Don't forget to talk about relevant hobbies and interests. You can talk about your various extracurricular activities that really demonstrate that you're a well-rounded individual with plenty to offer your first full-time employer. If you have any special interest clubs to which you belong, it's a good idea to mention them and to talk about the skills acquired during this time that may be of great use to your employer.
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Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

If you are going to be able to write the best resume format for internship 2019, it's not only about what you should include. Make absolutely sure that you are also aware of the biggest blunders that many of those new to the workforce make time and time again. Check out some of the schoolboy errors below and avoid repeating them at all costs.

Talking about the wrong skills

It's a very clever idea to create a master list of everything you've ever done and how your various school council positions and memberships to special interest groups have allowed you to acquire indispensable skills even at your young age. However, you should not simply include everything all at once even if it's your first resume and you're looking to impress. Writing a generic, one-size-fits-all resume is a certain path to failure as certain skills are valued over others by different employers.

Forgetting to tailor your resume

If your reader can see that you've made a special effort to make your resume match their company's requirements, they'll know that you're the right person for the job. Even if you're fresh out of school or college, they'll be more than likely to give you a chance if you've shown initiative and tried to appear able to fulfill their company's needs.

perfect resume futurama

Printing off a load of identical resumes and posting them everywhere is a sure way to end up coming back down to earth with a bump. Each of your prospective employers wants to feel unique even if they're not all that different from a bunch of other companies, so it's your task to work out how to make your resume speak directly to a given company's culture and mission statement alongside whatever they've included in the job opening you've responded to.

Sloppy grammar and spelling

It really should go without saying that your grammar and spelling is supposed to be perfect whenever you compose a document as important as your resume. However, it’s extremely common to see resumes that have been put together in what seems like just a couple of minutes. Take the extra time to carefully check your resume for any stupid mistakes that can be corrected with just a little bit of attention.

After all, bad formatting only gets you a bad grade at grade school, but in the school of life, your sloppiness can cost you plenty more. It's not difficult to make sure your document is correctly written and you can ask a trusted friend or family member, or you could even resort to speaking with a careers advisor or online expert of some kind.

Poor mission statements

Being fresh out of school or college and on the hunt for a first job or internship position is one of the only situations in which the use of a mission statement is still appropriate. For almost anyone else, they're an absolute no-no, so use them while you're a recent graduate and have the right to do so. Consider what makes a good objective and learn how to work it into a single sentence that's pithy and yet truly informative.

resume skills futurama

Objective statements are your chance to talk about what your intentions are career-wise but you have to show that you can give something back to your employer. Show them how you can provide the company with what it needs at the same time as completing your own missions.

Get the length right

It's perfectly acceptable to write a longer resume if your experience and skills warrant it. For example, if you've been working for years within your chosen industry and you've acquired unique experience in doing so, you really ought to think about bumping your resume up to two pages. However, if you're a recent graduate, fresh out of college or high school and have little to no employment experience, you should aim for a single page of information.

Ultimately, resume length is all about how much you can genuinely justify adding to the document and recent graduates honestly can't usually add more than a page or so of information that's pertinent and interesting at the same time. Blathering on just for the sake of filling space is a real turn-off for most employers.

Consider everything you can add to your fresher resume 2019 to give it extra value and land you your first proper job. When you take into account all the latest resume trends and think about what employers expect from you as a recent graduate, you'll be well on your way to great success in your chosen field of expertise. Distinguish yourself from your peers and you'll shoot right to the top of any employer's list of potential hires.

Make the most of your first foray into the jobs market when you write your fresher resume 2019. Demonstrate your worth and land your dream job the first time around.  

Rules for Writing a Resume 2019: 9 Insanely Cool Resume Ideas

hen there are so many different rules for writing a resume 2019 might have you locked into the same old job hunting cycle that ends in you working somewhere you'd rather not be. Alternatively, you could make the last year of this decade one to truly remember. There are all sorts of different ways in which you can inject some flavor into your resume or even video resume 2019, and all it takes is a little thought and a lot of bravery on your part. Consider the 9 insanely cool ideas here and you'll see wonder what was stopping you before.

guide for resume 2019

Should You Adhere Strictly to Resume Guidelines 2019?

Obviously, resume guidelines 2019 updates exist for a reason, but that's not to say that you have to stick to them so blindly that you lose any individuality that may have gotten you the job that just slipped through your fingers. For creative positions, in particular, guidelines are exactly what they say they are: just a framework of ideas that work and have a guaranteed positive appeal whether you're talking about salary negotiation or an actual interview.

It's true that even in 2019 resume guidelines are there to be followed if you're working in a traditional, old-fashioned industry sector, but all bets are off when it comes to more creative endeavors like web development and graphic design. Consider a wealth of ways to improve your employment chances by being a little different from the usual run-of-the-mill job applicants.

The Top 9 Ways to Break the Mold

As you can now see, the latest 2019 resume guidelines are there just to give you a general idea of what is expected of you by prospective employers and hiring managers. If you want to really make a difference and make your resume stand out, you should aim to bend, if not break, some of the rules and guidelines.

Make a movie poster

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to stand out in 2019 resume fonts are the way to go. In fact, in 2019 resume fonts like Times New Roman can get your resume thrown straight in the trash can at the most innovative firms. Fonts can be used for their optimal effect as part of a movie poster style approach.

movie poster resume sample
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You should probably only dare to use this kind of method for a very creative position, although it doesn't necessarily have to be a job within the filmmaking industry. If you make a poster that takes the very best elements of the classic era of hand painted movie posters, you won't go far wrong in any creative employment-related endeavor.

Subvert social media layouts

Pretty much everyone and their dog has a social media presence nowadays, and even if they don't, they'll at least be familiar with how a Facebook page looks. You can leverage this familiarity and even use the different sections of a typical social media profile to present your skills, character, and abilities.

If you're hoping to get a job in public relations or even social media itself, this approach would be very well received indeed. Read firstly LinkedIn resume writing tips.You could even include testimonials and references as part of a mock wall comments section. If you thought it was incorrect to add your references directly to your resume, then you thought wrong in this case.

Play a company at their own game

If the company to which you're applying has their very own way of doing things, you can take advantage of this and display your credentials. If you can subvert a familiar design to fit your own needs. This would work particularly well in the case of highly innovative and progressive companies like Google.

google resume template
Image credit: letsintern.com

There's a rather famous example of a LinkedIn profile that was engineered to look like a Google search. It got enough attention that an employee of the Internet giant themselves took notice and referred the creator for an interview right away. There's nothing better than showing a company that you respect their outlook and approach to things than by flattering them with emulating their style.

Wax philosophical

You don't have to stick completely to a traditional resume, particularly when the job in question is something a little out of the ordinary. When you're applying for a position that requires a unique mix of typically creative activities alongside more academic and rigorous aspects, you could take the neurological left brain versus right brain dominant argument and turn it on its head.

If you put all of your critical thinking skills and achievements on one side of the page and then all of your creative endeavors on the other side, you can demonstrate each aspect of your character independently. Your hiring manager will naturally seek out information from the side that interests them the most. Ultimately, this situation could be a win-win scenario if you do it right.

Star quality

It's perfectly safe to rate a movie with stars, but using a rating system on your own skills and qualities might seem like career suicide. On the one hand, you have to be brutally honest about your own shortcomings if this approach is to work, and secondly, you may end up giving yourself a low rating for a highly necessary quality that your hiring manager is looking for.

qualities in a resume
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Opting for a rating system for your various essential qualities is a risky move but one that may well pay off if you do it right. If you include one or two less essential character traits with a lower rating than is ideal, you will actually make the hiring manager more likely to believe your own high-scoring evaluation of some of the more necessary qualities that they're looking for.

Scan for success

One of the more interesting approaches is more an adjunct to a traditional resume than it is an actual replacement for a more tried-and-tested writing style. This is the concept of using a QR code that your prospective employer can scan in order to access an interactive web page or other multimedia content that sheds a little more light on your character and achievements.

Using a QR code is a risky move because not all mobile devices are shipped with a ready-to-use scanning function. If it happens that your potential employer cannot view the content supplied via the QR code, then you've really wasted your time. In the worst case scenario, they'll feel excluded from your resume and will look unfavorably upon the content that they see in front of them. However, if you're applying to a tech-savvy company, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Design your way to success

You might not realize it yet, but infographics can be a great way to display your qualities and achievements if you know what you're doing. It's important to note right off the bat that a poor infographics approach will confuse and irritate your readers. Nevertheless, when it's done right, this method will blow your rivals out of the water with ease.

professional way in a CV
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There are lots of different ways to turn your data into visually stimulating and yet highly informative infographics. For example, you could easily turn your work history into a timeline and then you might want to use simple and smart graphics to highlight particular skills related to each job mentioned. The best way to maximize the effect of infographics on your prospective employer is to use specially designed software like Adobe InDesign.

Showcase your skills

Rather than resorting to a skills-based resume to show off what you're capable of, you might as well stick to a more traditional approach to the actual content while you use your formatting and layout to showcase your skills. You can make a great first impression when you use your design skills to create a resume that's simply never been seen before.

Flow chart fun

You could take a radically different approach by using a flow chart to show that you meet the jobs various requirements. While you can't elaborate too much on your skills and qualities if you take this approach, you can definitely say that you've addressed every potential concern that can be gleaned from the job posting that you originally saw. What's more, a flow chart model will actually encourage your reader to look through everything properly.

Make sure you know which rules for writing a resume 2019 can be bent and which ones can be broken. Once you're sure about how you want to approach your next interview, you can get started on your resume. Your documents will always be a talking point when it comes to interviews, but now you can make the topic a really interesting one and not just an obligation on the part of the interviewer.

Master all of the flexible rules for writing a resume 2019 and make the best possible first impression. Creativity is the key to your success.  

7 Resume Trends 2019 That Will Rock the World

For better or worse, succeeding in the jobs market requires a massive case of keeping up with the Joneses. When you follow all the latest resume trends 2019 will offer far greater opportunities than you've ever had before. Avoid the resume mistakes 2019 and consider all of the most recent trends that are going to be seized upon during the summer and you'll find the perfect niche from which to market yourself as the ideal candidate for any job vacancy.

trends of resume writing

The Resume 2019 Trends to Follow

Succeeding in finding a new job in a rapidly developing jobs market means following the latest and greatest trends closely. Whether this means taking an infographic approach or adding links to your social media accounts, make sure you know all about the most current resume trends 2019 for your particular industry niche. In general, it's looking like resume 2019 trends are all to do with the intelligent presentation of data in integrated systems. Use the 7 trends below and boost your chances of employment.

Visually engaging resumes

It’s very easy to create a resume that’ll bore your readers senseless, and you could be forgiven for thinking that there’s a rather simple way to boost your prospective employer’s interest in an instant. The best way to inject a bit of pizzazz into your resume is to make the most of the visually engaging formats and templates that allow you to show off your flair for design as well as demonstrating that you’re the right candidate for the job.

You might not realize it yet, but infographics can be a great way to display your qualities and achievements if you know what you're doing. It's important to note right off the bat that a poor infographics approach will confuse and irritate your readers. Nevertheless, when it's done right, this method will blow your rivals out of the water with ease.

What do employers look for in a resume? What are the main tricks for a writing resume that works? Get all the answers here!

The first thing to do in order to make sure that your resume hits the target is to divide it into a grid. Then, you can focus on using each grid square to demonstrate one point of interest. This one-for-one system is the only way to guarantee that such an approach will work just as planned.

trendy resume design 2019
Image credit: careerbright.com

There are lots of different ways to turn your data into visually stimulating and yet highly informative infographics. For example, you could easily turn your work history into a timeline and then you might want to use simple and smart graphics to highlight particular skills related to each job mentioned. The best way to maximize the effect of infographics on your prospective employer is to use specially designed software like Adobe InDesign.

Creative approaches

If your resume could easily run on to a good few pages if you let it, then you're likely finding it hard to decide what to put in and what to leave out from this most important of documents. It’s all about being concise and including only the information that's most relevant to the job in question. One of the most effective creative approaches to achieving this vital goal is to create columns. 

A columnar approach is especially useful if you're going to submit your resume as a web page or some kind of digital document like a PDF file. You don’t even need any particular special skills to give your resume a boost, and it can quite easy to format your content into columns. To make your columns stand out from one another, you can use a different background color for the left-hand column which would typically include a summarized biography and some useful extra details like linguistic skills, social media contacts and other nuggets of information.

You can then format the right-hand column to be slightly wider than the left-hand side one. If you maintain a more traditional reverse chronological style within, you'll have a resume that maximizes space and looks great at the same time. In this way, you’ll make a great first impression as your resume will show your prospective employer that you have a certain way with documents that'll be difficult for your rivals to match.

Leverage social media

Social media is becoming increasingly important in the professional world and it’s about time that you made the most of this incredible opportunity to get yourself known within your industry niche. It’s not all about plastering your weekend photos on Facebook and showing off your latest Instagram efforts, though. You need to focus on leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter if you want to achieve the best results.

There are so many interesting concepts that are popping up all the time, and adding a little extra to your resume is what could make all the difference. Even the corporate professionals at the summit of the business world are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, so you can easily use this opportunity to grab their attention like no one else can.

facebook social media resume sample
Image credit: careerbright.com

Try generating a QR code and putting it right at the top of your resume: it’ll add an interesting pattern to your page of text and you can use the link within it to boost your content. For example, you could tie your LinkedIn page or even an online portfolio to this QR code. If you’re brave enough, you could even make a so-called living resume out of your QR code by linking it to a constantly updated Pinterest page.

Challenged by computers

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to even the most out-of-the-loop job seeker that keywords and phrases are present in every job posting. Their existence gives a hint as to what you need to include in your resume even if the particular reasons might have eluded you. The main reason is that hiring managers are resorting to the use of computerized applicant tracking programs to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The problem with this kind of computerized attempt at sorting applicants is that some of the best people for the role on offer may not have heard of the importance of using keywords. If not, then the company using applicant tracking software would have just missed out on getting themselves a very efficient employee. Make sure you’re not one of these unfortunate folk by learning all about the kinds of words to include as a standard part of your resume.

Generally speaking, the exact words that your prospective employers are looking for are actually printed on the job posting itself. If you happen to notice that certain words are repeated multiple times despite the fact that synonyms would normally have been used for the purpose of improving the flow of the sentences within the job advertisement, you’ve probably just stumbled upon a keyword that will have been programmed into the sorting program.

catchy resume sample
Image credit: pinimg.com

There are lots of different categories of words which can be used to get you past the applicant tracking programs most commonly employed. For example, action verbs are those which demonstrate that you complete tasks in a way that really achieves measurable results for your employers. These are words like “accomplished” and “managed”. Using these will allow you to turn a boring and uninformative list of duties and responsibilities into a genuinely useful document.

With all that said, a resume that passes through the applicant tracking system with flying colors is not necessarily one that will impress a human hiring manager. As such, you need to be very careful as to how you proceed with the use of keywords. Although you’ll gain points with the machines, you’ll lose them with your actual future boss. Be careful and don’t repeat yourself more than a couple of times per keyword.

Quantify your achievements

Even if you’ve achieved wonderful things in your past jobs, you have to know how to display this information properly. Prospective employers want to see exactly what you were able to do for your previous companies, and the best way to show them your skills and abilities is to turn your achievements into numbers. Quantifying your achievements means calculating a percentage improvement or an increased proportion of a given variable and attributing this positive change to an action you’ve taken yourself.

For example, you might have increased the telephone sales conversion rate by 15% as a result of the development of a new and improved approach to your client targeting strategies. Whatever you’ve done to boost your company’s bottom line should be quantified and shown off. Numbers really bring your achievements to life.

Effects of the gig economy

It used to be the case that employers would frown upon the inclusion in your resume of any jobs that were held for less than around two years. In fact, adding jobs that were anything less than six months in duration would have been considered corporate suicide even just a few years back. That’s all changing now thanks to the so-called gig economy.

Now that long-term jobs are harder to come by, talented people are doing all sorts of tasks on the side, whether it’s as freelance work or a bona fide second job. Owing to the necessity of such actions in many cases, employers can now see the benefits to be gained from hiring a person who has been juggling so many different plates at once and yet hasn’t smashed a single one.

creative cv example
Image credit: deviantart.net

If you’ve had bit-part jobs here and there, you can easily turn those experiences into a positive thing. You just have to make sure that it appears like you’re a great multi-tasker who is able to manage a range of different and varied commitments while excelling at each and every one of them. Be sure to make sure that you don’t end up looking like a jack of all trades and a master of none, and you’ll soon have the job you’ve always been looking for.

How to Keep Track of the Latest Trends

It's all very well and good reading an article on the latest developments regarding current resume trends 2019, but you need to develop the ability to identify and take advantage of newly appearing trends for yourself. This seemingly prescient skill isn't anywhere near as hard to hone as you might think, and the tips below will help you to stay ahead of the pack with as little hassle as possible.

When first learning how to recognize current resume trends 2019 examples of the changes occurring are your best friends. As you begin to see the subtle changes that evolve over time, you'll lose your dependence on current resume trends 2019 examples, but for now you should rely on them for a helping hand.

There are all kinds of new resume trends 2019 is going to throw at you, and now you’re ready for at least the main 7 concepts that’ll crop up then. Consider all of the different ways in which you can demonstrate your skills and show your prospective employer that you’re exactly the right person for the job. Staying on top of the latest trends is the best method for impressing your future boss.

Make the most of all the hot new resume trends 2019 has to offer and you’ll have a great job in no time at all. Consider all that you have to offer and sell your skills to the highest bidder.

Do You Really Need a Cutting-Edge, Interactive Resume or Video Resume 2019?

When you're working in a creative field, you need to make the most of all of the new opportunities that pop up. If you've always thought about adding some interactive content as part of an exciting video resume 2019 is the time to give it a go because it's definitely a part of resume trends 2019. It's not as hard as you might have assumed when you've got all the right tools and ideas. Consider all of the best ways to make your resume a whole lot more interesting and you'll get your dream job within the creative niche of your choosing in next to no time at all.

The Essential How to Resume 2019 Guide

The first thing to note as the major point of this how to resume 2019 guide is that video and portfolio content is fundamentally different from anything you will have put on your resume before. Whether you're going to make the kind of comprehensive social media resume 2019 is increasingly likely to favor, or you just want to add a little interactivity, you've got a whole new range of skills to learn and utilize.

do you need interactive resume

Whatever your goals may be, follow this guide to crafting a creative CV 2019 and you won't go far wrong. Let’s use the example of turning your video resume into an interactive video game. Of course, it won’t be anything too difficult or lengthy to play, or your future boss will never get to see all of your unique skills in action.

Invent an idea

When you’re creating an interactive resume, you need to be careful that it doesn’t do away with all the traditional data points which you’d cover within a normal resume. Don’t get too carried away with the concept you’ve just invented and end up forgetting to add some meaty content to the bones of your interactive approach.

You need an idea which is easy to implement but impresses your employer like nothing else in the world could. One of the most popular forms of entertainment around today is the video game, the industry of which is growing by the very hour. You can turn your resume into a short interactive video game without much in the way of programming skills or computer know-how. A simple platform game would work wonders and has been used on several occasions to great effect by a number of different people in various industries.

Conquer the main challenges

Obviously, it’s rather difficult to reconcile two concepts as seemingly remote as video games and resumes. However, it is certainly possible now that the power of computing has led to the rise of mobile devices into which we are all sucked from time to time. The interactivity offered by these addictive devices is what can be used as the glue to stick your video game idea directly onto your resume.

hirschy's resume
Image credit: indiatimes.in

Whereas your resume might have a couple of infographics to add a little color to proceedings, it’s probably rather text-heavy in places. Despite this apparent limitation, you can turn a resume full of text and charts into a small interactive game that opens up your talents and achievements in the perfect order to give the ideal first impression on your behalf.

You could create a simple run-and-jump style game popularized by a certain Italian plumber, with the slow-moving enemies being the key to opening charts and other quantified information about your achievements. Use several different short levels for each part of your resume, beginning with an “About Me” section that’ll look like a typical credits section at the start of a video game.

Implementing a solution

If you want to make an interactive resume yourself from scratch, a video game might be a step too far if you don’t have any programming skills at all. However, you could use some money you’ve set aside for a rainy day in order to hire a programmer to put together an interesting platformer that shows off your skills. This is the kind of investment that it’s really worth making if you want a job in a creative industry niche.

creative resume template 2019
Image credit: webpagefx.com

Typically, the solution for making an interactive resume without resorting to a template of some kind is to use coding languages like HTML and JavaScript. These will display well as part of your personal website, which can be accessed by any mobile device. On this note, make sure you avoid the use of Flash while Apple still refuses to allow its display on their devices.

If you want to know more about resume trends 2019, follow the link!

What You Can Add to Your Video Resume

The key to making a creative CV 2019 update work for you is to develop information structuring by means of specific content blocks. You can even leverage each section individually as part of a social media resume 2019 update. The exact approach you take is entirely up to you, but make sure you consider the following possibilities before you get started on your video resume.

Plan and choreograph everything

It’s often said that prior planning is the only thing that prevents pathetic performance, and it’s really not just a soundbite. If you consider everything you say and each bodily movement you make before you actually record your video, you’ll achieve a much more natural and fluid result. Your prospective employer will not be impressed at all by a static and uninspired video resume.

The first thing to work out is how you’d be most comfortable when filming. You probably don’t have access to much in the way of professional filmmaking equipment, but this doesn’t really need to be an obstacle at all. Whether you would be fine with using your mobile phone to film yourself or you want to use your laptop’s webcam, the most important thing is to make yourself comfortable and at ease with the whole recording process.

Don’t reel off your resume

While it’s important to include all the most important achievements you’ve enjoyed and it’s good to throw a few significant metrics into the mix, your video resume absolutely must not be a simple repeat of your written resume. If you’re submitting both a video and a text document as part of the application process, then you simply can’t afford to waste your opportunity by including two versions of the same information.

designers resume sample
Image credit: hongkiat.com

Instead, your focus should be on using your video resume to elaborate upon points that were not fully elucidated by your written resume and yet deserve to be spoken about. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your positive qualities by approaching them from a slightly new angle, effectively giving you two bites of the apple. Just make sure that you add value to your video by showcasing your personality alongside your skills, giving your prospective employer the chance to see you as a whole package.

Use a script as support

You should definitely use a script to make sure that you say everything that needs to be said. It's absolutely vital that your video resume has the maximum impact and the only way to do this is to plan it thoroughly from beginning to end. Once you know exactly what you need to say, you can set up your video to include each carefully considered point.

Despite your use of a script, you should not read from it directly as you'll look unprepared and even insincere. In fact, even if you don't read from your script but you still look as if you are doing so, it will still create a bad impression. Think about all those wooden B-movie actors in films that are just cringe-worthy to watch. That's how you'll appear if you aren't too careful about your style of presentation.

Watch it back

Even some of the finest thespians in the world don't enjoy watching their own performances, but you don't have the luxury of being shy when it comes to your video resume. You need to watch and rewatch your video until it feels as if it's been burned into your retinas. Know your video inside and out, and only then can you improve upon the various weak spots.

infographic resume template
Image credit: hongkiat.com

Once you've worked out all the kinks in your performance, you can shoot another take of the relevant parts. Don't be afraid to do this as much as is necessary, as you can always tie the individual components together later on in the editing process. Your prospective employers won't have to know anything about the production process behind your stellar video resume, so you can cut it to pieces and stick it all back together again to create a truly superior reel of film that'll shock and stun.

Edit to excellence

If you've ever seen any of the numerous slick YouTube videos that are put out on a near daily basis by some of the most popular internet stars around, you'll already know that their films aren't out together in a single take. There are rare exceptions, but in the majority of cases, the best videos are those which employ a number of camera angles and a range of presentation styles.

Certain bits of information are more effectively conveyed by particular camera angles and delivery styles, so you need to record yourself using a number of different approaches. Then you can pick and choose which ones work best for each piece of information. The right combination of editing techniques will make your video shine like it never could in any other way.

If you can film a top video resume 2019 will reward you with the pick of the best jobs suited to your unique skill set and abilities. Show off your character as well as your professional qualities when you construct an interactive or video resume. A fresh approach that's never been seen before is hard to come by, but a video resume is the closest you'll get.

Deliver a perfect performance in your unique video resume 2019, and you'll not regret it. Make all the right choices while filming and your dream job will be guaranteed.

Resume Mistakes 2019: 7 Reasons Why Your Resume Looks Like a High-school Student

There are so many things that can go wrong with your resume. The problem is that some of these errors are hard to recognize and even harder to fix without expert assistance. The last thing you want is for your painstakingly put together resume to look like that of an inexperienced and worldly unwise high school student. When you consider and remedy all the most commonly occurring resume mistakes 2019 will be the year in which you change your career prospects for good. And one more important thing is to pay attention to current resume formats 2019.

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The Biggest Resume Mistakes of 2019

There are so many ways to blunder through the resume writing process that correcting the most frequent resume mistakes of 2019 is a real chore. Whether it's down to an awkward style of writing, sloppy formatting or a poor and ineffectual way of describing accomplished tasks, there's much that can go wrong. Learn what these silly mistakes are and you won't ever make them, thus saving you a great deal of hassle and getting you right on the employment ladder.

Poor spelling and grammar

It really should go without saying that your grammar and spelling is supposed to be perfectly correct whenever you compose a document as important as your resume. However, it’s extremely common to see resumes that have been put together in what seems like 5 minutes. Take the extra time to carefully check your resume for any stupid mistakes that can be corrected with just a little bit of attention. As this is such an easy set of resume mistakes to avoid 2019 will not forgive you for making such blunders.

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Not everyone is a genius when it comes to the English language and it’s not just those who speak it as a foreign language who run into trouble from time to time. If you know in advance that you have issues with your usage of formal English such as is required when writing a resume, you should aim to get the expert help you need to make your resume as perfect as it can be.

Whether you want to get a trusted friend to give your resume the once over, or you’d rather submit your documents to a professional proofreader, it’s important that you do everything you can to avoid leaving grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your resume. Otherwise, they’ll be sitting there just like mines under the surface of a battlefield, just waiting for your hiring manager to come across them.


If there’s one thing that a well-targeted resume should be, it’s specific. The last thing you want to do is to blather on about this and that without actually addressing how the subject of your lengthy sentence actually applies to the job in question. Instead, you should be telling your future boss exactly what you did and why it made a real difference to your past employer’s bottom line.

Part of the concept of being specific is the quantification of your achievements. This is a vital part of your resume and you can’t just add numbers without thinking carefully about the consequences. You have to use facts and figures that you can back up easily by talking about them extensively during your interviews. If you can’t use these numbers as a tool to allow you to show how you specifically achieved something, then they aren’t worth including.

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Ultimately, you need to tell your prospective employer that you were able to definitively improve the performance of your current and previous companies. Simply adding a few different statistics to your resume means nothing if you can’t weave a story from it. Once your potential future boss can see exactly why what you did had such a big impact, then you’ve shown them why you’re the perfect candidate for the job at hand.

Lack of targeting

A significant proportion of people doesn't bother to tailor each copy of their resume for each individual job posting. Instead, they compile one master resume and print it out hundreds of times, passing it to anyone who’ll accept it. This is absolutely not the right way to go about applying for a job that’s worth having.

While it’s a great idea to create a master list of all of your achievements and qualities, you must pick and choose which ones are most appropriate for any given employer. If you get this decision wrong, then you’ll run into some pretty big problems. Do your due diligence and make sure you know exactly how to tailor your resume to target each and every prospective employee perfectly.

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If you can prove to your hiring manager that you’ve carefully considered their requirements and have come to the reasonable conclusion that you’re a perfect fit for the job, then you’ll have far greater success than someone who has fired off a one-size-fits-all resume that doesn’t address the employer’s needs at all. Target each job individually and take the time to tailor your resume accordingly.

Duties over achievements

Oftentimes, people merely repeat their duties and responsibilities almost parrot-fashion as if this is going to impress anyone. A top class resume is one which explains in absolutely specific terms how the writer did what they did and talks unequivocally about the results of said actions. You should not be firing off a shortened version of all of your previous job descriptions. It’s supposed to be all about how you performed and not just what you did.

If you’re wondering exactly how to elaborate upon an achievement and are worried about falling into the all-too-common trap of just repeating your duties, consider that an achievement talks about how well you did a task. Compare this to a duty, which merely states what you did without any reference to the quality or effects of your work.

In terms of job applications and resume writing, an achievement is something that you made happen that went on to make a significant contribution to your employer’s business. Naturally, the finest achievements worth putting on any resume are those which can be quantified, that is to say, put into numbers. When you can provide concrete statistics regarding your input during your time with a particular company, future employers will look for you and your skills very favorably indeed.

Blathering on

The whole point of a resume is to provide a concise and clear summary of your achievements, qualifications, and skills acquired up to the present day. If you spend all your time waffling on instead of simply stating exactly how each of your achievements or skills is relevant to the job, you’ll just irritate and bore your reader. Instead, make sure that you only include content that’s absolutely necessary and directly related to the job in question.

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You shouldn’t allow yourself to write and write as if there’s no end in sight. That said, while it’s a good idea in most cases to keep your resume to a single, well-formatted page, you also shouldn’t feel forced to cut your document down to its bare bones just so it fits onto one page. After all, an experienced professional with 30 years of work under their belt is hardly going to be able to cram all the vital knowledge onto a single piece of paper.

As long as you’re concise and direct, being specific and targeted at all times, you will probably find it quite possible to use a single page for your resume. It’s easier to do if you’ve got a good template to work from or you’ve found a useful design to emulate, but don’t feel as if it’s mandatory for someone with heaps of experience to limit themselves for the sake of an arbitrary rule of thumb.

Ineffectual objective statements

Whether you should include an objective statement at all is a huge debate in and of itself but let’s say that you do want to include some kind of introductory sentence that gives focus to your resume. The problem with poorly worded objectives is that no one will understand your motives for applying to a given job and they may even be unable to see why you’re suited to the position.

Objective statements ultimately speak about what your intentions are career-wise, but unfortunately, many prospective employers simply don't care all that much about your specific hopes and dreams. Instead, you need to be able to provide the company with what it needs at the same time as completing your own missions.

Rather than using an increasingly obsolete objective statement, you should try writing a summary of your professional life to whet your hiring manager’s appetite. The major things to include are your greatest achievements, your work history and how much experience you've obtained. Aim to get all this into one sentence, but don’t force it to the extent that it just sounds awkward. Also, don't forget that you need not label the summary as such; it's right at the top and pretty conspicuous so don't waste valuable space.

Paying no attention to design details

It’s all too easy to cram your resume full of important details but forget that your reader is a fellow human being. No one wants to have to wade through a sea of text to extract the salient points. Make sure you take advantage of white space and create a resume that’s a pleasure to read.

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When you’re submitting a resume, you need to provide a document that’s going to encourage your prospective employer to read through it and quickly come to the understanding that you’re an ideal candidate for the job at hand. Clever use of a specially designed template will allow you to worry about the content while resting assured that your document will look attractive and professional.

Once you can identify the resume mistakes to avoid 2019 will become a much friendlier year on the jobs front. Even if you have slipped up and made a couple of these mistakes in resume 2019, at least you'll know exactly how to put them right. Now that you can correct all the mistakes in resume 2019 is going to look a lot brighter.

Once you get to grips with all the things that can go wrong during the job hunting process, you’ll stand a much higher chance of getting the job you’ve always wanted. Take a look at the most frequently occurring resume mistakes 2019 expects to see, and you’ll put yourself in a much better position to apply for jobs and reach your full potential. With the proper preparation, your career will take off like a rocket.

Learn about all the most common resume mistakes 2019 and avoid them like the plague. Make all the right choices while writing your CV!