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If you’re going to be updating your IT resume 2019 absolutely demands that you make the most of every single function and capability that digital technology offers us. Whether you work in software development or server maintenance, you have to play your A-game at all times if you want to succeed in an increasingly competitive jobs market that really doesn’t pull its punches. Take a look at this career advice for 2019 and find out everything you need to land your dream job in IT by.

Top Things to Learn From IT Resume Examples 2019

One of the best ways to learn how to succeed at any given task is to study what the experts do and then try your hardest to emulate their efforts. When you thoroughly examine the finest IT resume examples 2019 will reward you handsomely. There’s so much more you can do than just labeling the section you want to emphasize the most. Consider the timely advice below and leverage everything you can from even the simple things like hyperlinking your email address and the use of social media accounts.

Contacts always count

Most people are familiar with the idea of adding their email address and telephone number to their resumes, but it’s time to take a step further and start standing out from the crowd. This is even more important in the IT world as things are advancing so quickly that one misstep can mean that spend forever catching up to your rivals.

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Put your prospective employers in direct touch with you by adding a hyperlink to the most important contact details you have. Whether it’s just your email address or you’ve gone as far as to build an interactive online resume, an extra link or two will go a very long way indeed. You can also include links to social media accounts like LinkedIn, a place where your hiring manager more likely than not has a presence.

Dial up tour design

The IT world is becoming increasingly creative as companies require websites and apps that draw their clients in and hold the, for as long as possible. Show that you are up to the task of putting together programs that dazzle the user by starting with your resume.

There are several easy ways to improve upon your resume design without taking too much time out of the content writing process. You can use a splash of color for your subheadings in order to add a bit of individuality to your resume, but make sure that you choose a hue that displays as well on the screen as it does on paper. There’s nothing worse than colors that look great when sent via email but then fall flat when printed out.

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A simple way to spruce up your resume types 2019 is to change your font from the boring and unimpressive Times New Roman to something a little more interesting like Calibri. Whichever font you choose to use, just make sure that it’s a standard one that can be displayed well by all the major operating systems.

Objectives are obsolete

Once upon a time, you were probably told to add an objective statement to your resume in order to tell your hiring manager what you want to get out of your career. Unfortunately, many prospective employers simply don’t care all that much about your specific hopes and dreams, especially if you are unable to provide the company with what it needs at the same time.

Instead of using an increasingly obsolete objective statement, try writing a summary of your professional life to pique the interest of your reader. The big things to include are your greatest achievements, your work history and how much experience you’ve obtained. Just don’t forget that you need not label the summary as such; it’s right at the top and pretty conspicuous so don’t waste valuable space.

Ditch the top third rule

When most resumes were printed out, it became a rule that you should include all the most important information in the top third of your document. While this rule of thumb still persists, the average computer user’s constant internet usage has meant that the way we view pages of information has shifted somewhat. Instead of adhering to this old-fashioned rule, consider separating your resume into different blocks of information that are individually eye-catching and can be perused separately in their own right.

Outsmart tracking programs

Many companies now use applicant tracking programs that separate the wheat from the chaff by means of selecting for those candidates who know the rules of the game. Simply put, these programs scan for keywords and phrases that are often hinted at by the job description in question.

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Pay attention to the specific terms used in the job description and copy them exactly. If you use synonyms or closely related but inaccurate terms, you might end up getting your application thrown in the trash can. Stick closely to the materials provided by your prospective employer and you won’t go far wrong.

Skills should not be separate

When you’re writing your resume, you don’t need to treat your skills as if they’re somehow divorced from the rest of your experience and other content. If you’ve got a good employment history, you can safely include your skills as part of a quantifiable list of achievements within the typical chronological approach.

The only time when you might deem it necessary to have a separate section for skills is when these particular abilities are explicitly mentioned on the job advertisement. Then you probably should make it very clear that you have the skills required in spades.

Make the most of your opportunities

You absolutely must use all the space you have available on the page, but at the same time, you have to make sure that your resume looks great and has enough white space. There are several ways of marrying these two requirements without much trouble at all. You can save space while maximizing the value of the space you do use by following the tips below.

  • Use bullet points rather than full sentences
  • Employ strong active verbs and avoid passivity
  • Add acronyms common to your industry to show you’re in the know
  • Remove any obvious statements (Your employer knows that your references are available on request, for example)

When it comes to using IT resume templates 2019 updates are the ones you need to be looking for. Just make sure that any such template makes use of all of the advice expounded upon above. The last thing you want is to pick a 2019 software engineer resume template that is a basic rehash of an outdated and thus redundant one.

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The Costliest Mistakes to Avoid

It’s all well and good to emulate the style of the most successful people in your industry niche, but as it’s all too easy to pick the wrong IT resume templates 2019 is a time to be very careful indeed. Examine the typical schoolboy errors below and think about how you can remedy the situation no matter what your circumstances might be. Do this and your 2019 software engineer resume will be absolutely perfect.

Check your content carefully

When you’ve been working on your latest resume for hours on end without a break, you’ll begin to become so familiar with the content that it starts to be very difficult to spot mistakes. This is particularly problematic when it comes to spelling and grammar, which is a big issue because these kinds of mistakes can be very costly indeed. Get a trusted friend or even a trained expert to run through your resume and check it for errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax.

Don’t copy and paste

While your master list of achievements and skills is a useful resource from which you can tailor your resume for each individual job application, some people abuse this and just print off the same old resume for every job posting. This is a huge mistake and you’ll turn prospective employers off your application right away if they see that you’ve made zero effort to customize your resume to fit their company.

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Ignoring keywords

As mentioned earlier, hiring managers will often use applicant tracking software to select for only those candidates that use specific keywords. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to flat-out ignore these keywords. You’ll find which ones are the most important to use when you peruse the original job posting and detect which words have been repeated most often.

Blathering on

The whole point of a resume is to provide a concise and clear summary of your achievements, qualifications, and skills acquired up to the present day. If you spend all your time waffling on instead of simply stating exactly how each of your achievements or skills is relevant to the job, you’ll just irritate and bore your reader. Instead, make sure that you only include content that’s absolutely necessary and directly related to the job in question.

A lack of specifics

Much like the problem of cramming your resume with unnecessary words, you also must avoid the issue of being far too vague. You have to specify exactly what you’ve managed to achieve and how it will help you to meet the requirements of your potential new job. If you don’t include quantifiable information that your prospective employer can relate to, then you’ll have a big problem on your hands.

When you’re working on your IT resume 2019 update, it’s important to consider the latest developments in your industry niche as well as the current trends in the art that is resume writing. If you can combine these two aspects into one well-formatted resume, you’ll put yourself streets ahead of the competition. Avoid all the most common mistakes and follow the most important advice and you’ll have the job of your dreams before you know it. 

Make your IT resume 2019 the best it can possibly be when you take advantage of the latest advice. Write a perfect resume and reach your full potential.  

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