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Showing off what you’ve achieved is about far more than just reeling off a list of achievements and skills gained. You have to learn how to adapt such a list to develop a resume that demonstrates exactly why you’re the best candidate for the job of your dreams. Once you’ve understood what it takes to start creating effective resume 2019 will be a year to remember. Consider the best resume tips 2019 and ways to add useful numbers and metrics go your CV and you’ll be the go-to candidate for every job opening to which you apply.

What Counts as an Achievement

Most people are not too keen to share their greatest achievements for fear of appearing arrogant or self-important, and sometimes it happens that the achievements we think are wonderful are not deemed so great by our employers. Ultimately, writing your resume should be approached like writing a product description. The difference, of course, lies in the fact that you yourself are the product under evaluation this time.

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In terms of job applications and resume writing, an achievement is something that you made happen that went on to make a significant contribution to your employer’s business. Naturally, the finest achievements worth putting on any resume are those which can be quantified, that is to say, put into numbers. When you can provide concrete statistics regarding your input during your time with a particular company, future employers will look for you and your skills very favorably indeed.

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If you’re wondering exactly how to elaborate upon an achievement and are worried about falling into the all-too-common trap of just repeating your duties, consider that an achievement talks about how well you did a task. Compare this to a duty, which merely states what you did without any reference to the quality or effects of your work.

The Kinds of Achievements to Put in a Good Resume 2019

Ultimately, if you’re going to be able to write a good resume 2019 style, you’ll need to start treating the exercise in the same way you would the process of making sales calls. In other words, you have to quantify your achievements and show your reader exactly how you were able to generate revenue and income from a number of leads you could muster.

All the best of the good resume examples 2019 demonstrate quantifiable achievements that actually mean something to the hiring manager looking at your documents. The only way to truly show your prospective employer what you’re capable of is to construct a professional resume 2019 that’s full of meaningful numbers.

How much?

If you’ve worked for a company that experienced a certain level of success as a result of your actions, you really want to shout this from the rooftops. You don’t have to be as precise about this as you might think, although if you do know the exact facts and figured that apply to your achievements, it’ll make things much easier for you.

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Even if you only have a ballpark figure regarding what you were able to do for your past employers, as long as you can justify the numbers you’ve chosen and then go on to talk a little bit about what you did and why it worked out well, you’ll be absolutely fine even at the interview stage. Typically, you can talk about the money you saved a company or the number of leads you generated for your employer.

How frequently?

It can be hard to measure your activities accurately if you occupy a position where you don’t need to monitor your progress in such a specific and direct way. This is often a problem for salespeople who may lose track of the number of calls they make per day, but a rough approximation that sounds confident is usually enough to give the right impression of the workload you were able to handle. Even if you can simply state how many phone lines were under your direct management and how many calls per hour you averaged, this tells your future employer more than enough about your capabilities.

How many?

You can’t always give ballpark figures when it comes to quantitative information and this makes perfect, although sometimes inconvenient, sense as if we were to approximate absolutely everything in life, we would get nowhere fast. When it comes to talking about events you’ve organized or major business deals you’ve sealed on behalf of your company, you need to be as accurate as possible.

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To use events planning as an example, you should be able to provide figures for things like audience numbers, budgets and much more besides. If you were the one in charge, it won’t be too difficult for you to dig out the relevant facts and figures from your records.

What does it all mean?

Once you’ve answered the three main questions here, you need to tie everything together to make a coherent narrative that tells your prospective employer that you were able to definitively improve the performance of your current and previous companies. Simply adding a few different statistics to your resume means nothing if you can’t weave a story from it. Once your potential future boss can see exactly why what you did had such a big impact, then you’ve shown them why you’re the perfect candidate for the job at hand.

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Top Tips for Adding Achievements

As you’ll see from any of the good resume examples 2019 will throw at you, there’s a certain way to go about adding achievements to your resume. There are several strategies to follow carefully when you’re crafting a professional resume 2019 style. Consider the top tips below and work out how to leverage your achievements by adding informative numbers to them.

    • Start by compiling a master list of all of your various achievements over the years and divide them according to the keywords used in each job posting you respond to. Then you can add achievements to your resume to fit each individual job rather than printing out the same tired old resume that’s not targeted at any one company or employer.
    • You never know when you might be able to add another achievement to your resume. Of course, it’s sometimes predictable, such as in the case of end-of-quarter financial results and so on, but often you will have achieved something without even realizing it. As such, keep track of your activities on a weekly basis so that you can analyze your performance and attach any relevant, useful statistics to it before you forget all about it.
    • When you’re working as part of a team involved in the completion of a very important task, you should not forget to emphasize your integral role within this group. It’s important to talk about teamwork, but it’s your resume and thus you should be talking more about what you specifically brought to the table as a vital member of the task force.
    • You might have a long list of achievements to boast about, but you can’t just include each and everything you’ve ever done. If you want to include your finest achievements just for the sake of showing that you were able to reach a certain goal, you need to rethink your approach to resume writing. Instead, your achievements should be relevant and chosen specifically because they relate to your potential future job in such a way as to make your prospective employer see that you’re the perfect candidate for the position.
    • If possible, you should quantify any achievements you put on your resume. This is what garners the most interest from employers, after all. The problem is that sometimes you achieve something that can’t easily be turned into numbers for consumption by hiring managers. When this happens, you should still include said achievements if they’re worthy of being added to your resume. Numbers are important but they aren’t the be all and end all when you’ve got a great qualitative achievement you want to add.
    • Don’t feel that you have to restrict yourself to work-related achievements. If you’ve worked on truly wonderful things outside of work, whether it’s fundraising for a charity or teaching local children how to swim, these kinds of things aren’t going to be looked down upon. More and more frequently, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who are willing to give back as much as they receive from the community. This is particularly true of innovative startup companies and web-based businesses.

One of the best ways to begin creating effective resume 2019 is to put your achievements into numbers that any employer can understand at a mere glance. If you’ve been struggling to get a job, this tactic may be the difference that you’ve been missing. List all of your finest achievements and work out how you can work them into your resume to impress your prospective employers and land you the job of your dreams.

Learn how to quantify your achievements and start creating effective resume 2019 style. Put your skills and abilities into numbers and become an expert job hunter.

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