Do You Really Need a Cutting-Edge, Interactive Resume or Video Resume 2019?

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When you’re working in a creative field, you need to make the most of all of the new opportunities that pop up. If you’ve always thought about adding some interactive content as part of an exciting video resume 2019 is the time to give it a go because it’s definitely a part of resume trends 2019. It’s not as hard as you might have assumed when you’ve got all the right tools and ideas. Consider all of the best ways to make your resume a whole lot more interesting and you’ll get your dream job within the creative niche of your choosing in next to no time at all.

The Essential How to Resume 2019 Guide

The first thing to note as the major point of this how to resume 2019 guide is that video and portfolio content is fundamentally different from anything you will have put on your resume before. Whether you’re going to make the kind of comprehensive social media resume 2019 is increasingly likely to favor, or you just want to add a little interactivity, you’ve got a whole new range of skills to learn and utilize.
Whatever your goals may be, follow this guide to crafting a creative CV 2019 and you won’t go far wrong. Let’s use the example of turning your video resume into an interactive video game. Of course, it won’t be anything too difficult or lengthy to play, or your future boss will never get to see all of your unique skills in action.

Invent an idea

When you’re creating an interactive resume, you need to be careful that it doesn’t do away with all the traditional data points which you’d cover within a normal resume. Don’t get too carried away with the concept you’ve just invented and end up forgetting to add some meaty content to the bones of your interactive approach.

You need an idea which is easy to implement but impresses your employer like nothing else in the world could. One of the most popular forms of entertainment around today is the video game, the industry of which is growing by the very hour. You can turn your resume into a short interactive video game without much in the way of programming skills or computer know-how. A simple platform game would work wonders and has been used on several occasions to great effect by a number of different people in various industries.

Conquer the main challenges

Obviously, it’s rather difficult to reconcile two concepts as seemingly remote as video games and resumes. However, it is certainly possible now that the power of computing has led to the rise of mobile devices into which we are all sucked from time to time. The interactivity offered by these addictive devices is what can be used as the glue to stick your video game idea directly onto your resume.

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Whereas your resume might have a couple of infographics to add a little color to proceedings, it’s probably rather text-heavy in places. Despite this apparent limitation, you can turn a resume full of text and charts into a small interactive game that opens up your talents and achievements in the perfect order to give the ideal first impression on your behalf.

You could create a simple run-and-jump style game popularized by a certain Italian plumber, with the slow-moving enemies being the key to opening charts and other quantified information about your achievements. Use several different short levels for each part of your resume, beginning with an “About Me” section that’ll look like a typical credits section at the start of a video game.

Implementing a solution

If you want to make an interactive resume yourself from scratch, a video game might be a step too far if you don’t have any programming skills at all. However, you could use some money you’ve set aside for a rainy day in order to hire a programmer to put together an interesting platformer that shows off your skills. This is the kind of investment that it’s really worth making if you want a job in a creative industry niche.

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Typically, the solution for making an interactive resume without resorting to a template of some kind is to use coding languages like HTML and JavaScript. These will display well as part of your personal website, which can be accessed by any mobile device. On this note, make sure you avoid the use of Flash while Apple still refuses to allow its display on their devices.

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What You Can Add to Your Video Resume

The key to making a creative CV 2019 update work for you is to develop information structuring by means of specific content blocks. You can even leverage each section individually as part of a social media resume 2019 update. The exact approach you take is entirely up to you, but make sure you consider the following possibilities before you get started on your video resume.

Plan and choreograph everything

It’s often said that prior planning is the only thing that prevents pathetic performance, and it’s really not just a soundbite. If you consider everything you say and each bodily movement you make before you actually record your video, you’ll achieve a much more natural and fluid result. Your prospective employer will not be impressed at all by a static and uninspired video resume.

The first thing to work out is how you’d be most comfortable when filming. You probably don’t have access to much in the way of professional filmmaking equipment, but this doesn’t really need to be an obstacle at all. Whether you would be fine with using your mobile phone to film yourself or you want to use your laptop’s webcam, the most important thing is to make yourself comfortable and at ease with the whole recording process.

Don’t reel off your resume

While it’s important to include all the most important achievements you’ve enjoyed and it’s good to throw a few significant metrics into the mix, your video resume absolutely must not be a simple repeat of your written resume. If you’re submitting both a video and a text document as part of the application process, then you simply can’t afford to waste your opportunity by including two versions of the same information.

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Instead, your focus should be on using your video resume to elaborate upon points that were not fully elucidated by your written resume and yet deserve to be spoken about. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your positive qualities by approaching them from a slightly new angle, effectively giving you two bites of the apple. Just make sure that you add value to your video by showcasing your personality alongside your skills, giving your prospective employer the chance to see you as a whole package.

Use a script as support

You should definitely use a script to make sure that you say everything that needs to be said. It’s absolutely vital that your video resume has the maximum impact and the only way to do this is to plan it thoroughly from beginning to end. Once you know exactly what you need to say, you can set up your video to include each carefully considered point.

Despite your use of a script, you should not read from it directly as you’ll look unprepared and even insincere. In fact, even if you don’t read from your script but you still look as if you are doing so, it will still create a bad impression. Think about all those wooden B-movie actors in films that are just cringe-worthy to watch. That’s how you’ll appear if you aren’t too careful about your style of presentation.

Watch it back

Even some of the finest thespians in the world don’t enjoy watching their own performances, but you don’t have the luxury of being shy when it comes to your video resume. You need to watch and rewatch your video until it feels as if it’s been burned into your retinas. Know your video inside and out, and only then can you improve upon the various weak spots.

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Once you’ve worked out all the kinks in your performance, you can shoot another take of the relevant parts. Don’t be afraid to do this as much as is necessary, as you can always tie the individual components together later on in the editing process. Your prospective employers won’t have to know anything about the production process behind your stellar video resume, so you can cut it to pieces and stick it all back together again to create a truly superior reel of film that’ll shock and stun.

Edit to excellence

If you’ve ever seen any of the numerous slick YouTube videos that are put out on a near daily basis by some of the most popular internet stars around, you’ll already know that their films aren’t out together in a single take. There are rare exceptions, but in the majority of cases, the best videos are those which employ a number of camera angles and a range of presentation styles.

Certain bits of information are more effectively conveyed by particular camera angles and delivery styles, so you need to record yourself using a number of different approaches. Then you can pick and choose which ones work best for each piece of information. The right combination of editing techniques will make your video shine like it never could in any other way.

If you can film a top video resume 2019 will reward you with the pick of the best jobs suited to your unique skill set and abilities. Show off your character as well as your professional qualities when you construct an interactive or video resume. A fresh approach that’s never been seen before is hard to come by, but a video resume is the closest you’ll get.

Deliver a perfect performance in your unique video resume 2019, and you’ll not regret it. Make all the right choices while filming and your dream job will be guaranteed.

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