How to Make Resume 2019: 8 Handy Tools

resume 2019 tools and builders

There are all kinds of hints and tips to benefit from when you’re writing a resume, but few people realize that there are actual tools and programs that you can download to maximize the effect of your CVs and current resume formats 2019. You should take advantage of all these tools while your competitors are still struggling away trying to write their resumes without any assistance. The latest tools will show you how to make a resume 2019 style.

How to Select the Best Resume Builder 2019

Composing a full resume from scratch is a tall order. Fortunately, there are all sorts of programs, apps and other tools that can be used to help you craft the perfect resume. When you intend to use a specially designed tool to edit or download your resume, you really need to know what you’re talking about if you’re to choose the best resume builder 2019. Consider the the most important criteria and choose a resume builder that really suits your needs.

A major consideration is cost. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the best free resume builder 2019 can offer is something that’ll remain free for the foreseeable future. If you want to pay money for an app, you really have to make sure that it’s truly worth it. Don’t be afraid to consider free iterations when you know what the best tools can do.

The 8 Most Useful Tools for Resume Building

Once you know exactly which criteria any resume program worth its salt ought to fulfil, you can really begin to analyze what’s on offer here. Despite what you might have assumed, you don’t necessarily have to pay a single dime to take advantage of some of the finest resume building apps available. If you can find and use the best free resume builder 2019 will be a year to remember for a long while. Consider the 8 indispensable tools below and give your career the boost it needs.

  • Leverage your skills with LinkedIn

You’ll find that proper resume building goes way beyond stylistic choices like templates, fonts and color usage. It seems like every hiring manager uses social media to headhunt their latest human resources acquisitions, so it only makes sense that you should use the LinkedIn resume builder and upload your full CV to this useful website.

LinkedIn resume builder

The LinkedIn resume builder is extremely easy to use and free of any costs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about formatting as everything is automatically made to fit the design of the website itself. The only issue is that you really can’t rely solely on a LinkedIn resume to get you the job you want. You still have to format and compose a traditional CV.

  • Size up Slash CV

Slash CV is one of those tools that you should use if you want to get stuck into writing your resume without any hassle or overly complicated sign-up systems. In fact, you won’t have to register your details at all, so if you’re a little suspicious about handing over a load of personal information to be used and abused by all manner of advertising companies, you’re in safe hands here.

 Slash CV

While the interface is easy to use and completely free of any costs, you do have register to gain access to the better design options that exist on this platform. File export options are a little thin on the ground but the ability to send your resume to your Dropbox account is indispensable as you can then create a permanent link to send to any email recipient you like.

  • Rely on Resumonk

While Resumonk has a premium account plan that provides you with access to several useful features like multiple file types, it gives you plenty of free content without any trouble at all. Whether you want to upgrade to their paid plan is up to you, but there’s enough to make even the free option worth your time.

Resumonk tool

It goes a step further than Slash CV as it does more than allowing you to export your files to Dropbox. Instead, Resumonk gives you the opportunity to have your document hosted on a public website. What’s more, the resume you’ll create will be sure to look great as there are several text formatting options and a number of nice designs to choose from.

Naturally, it’s not all good news. You may find that Resumonk is a little too cluttered for your liking, and you will find their brand at the bottom of any resumes you create with them for free. It’s worth considering whether you want to avoid this tool entirely or upgrade to the premium plan, and you’ll have to try it first to see what you think.

  • Boost your resume with VisualCV

If you’re looking for a user-friendly tool that you can benefit from right away, VisualCV is the one for you. If you’ve already got a resume out together, then you’ll be glad to know that you can import it without any trouble at all. You can even add your LinkedIn resume to work on.

VisualCV resume builder

This is a wonderful editor with a very clean and effective style, but you’ll find yourself relatively limited unless you plump for the paid option. Nevertheless, the ability to see how your finished document will look in real time is a real advantage. The one thing with which the premium offering really distinguishes itself is the option to have a top careers expert build your resume for you.

  • Keep it simple with CV Maker

If you need to write a professional resume without any of the extra bells and whistles that some tools almost demand that you employ, CV Maker is the one to use. You can compose your resume and export it in a variety of formats, as well as making a link to send to any of your intended recipients.

CV Maker website

You’ll find a number of smart designs to use but if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, this tool will probably disappoint you somewhat. Nevertheless, it only takes you a few minutes to put together a simple resume and there are more than enough text editing options. Just be aware that you won’t be able to preview your design until you’ve hit the finish button.

  • Beat the system with ResumUP

Many employers are now using applicant tracking systems to scan all the resumes they receive. This is annoying because a machine can only detect keywords and cannot see the human being behind the text on a page. ResumUP aims to help you to get one over on these programs and it does it rather well if you’re willing to stump up the membership fee.

ResumUP builder

It’s a simple fact that the free iteration of this tool is rather ugly with its single template, but you can get a preview of how your resume might look with one of their far superior resume templates. Despite this superiority, you may well find that the template selection process is too cluttered and doesn’t look quite professional enough. If you’re looking to pack in all the right keywords, this tool will serve you well.

  • Jumpstart your career with JobSpice

JobSpice lets you update your resume to include all-important design factors like templates, colors and font styles. These sorts of extra considerations are sometimes what decorates a good resume from a truly great one, so JobSpice is worth a look just for the chance to see how you can boost your resume without a few little tweaks here and there.

JobSpice resume builder

While you can import your LinkedIn profile for an easy start, you can’t access all the templates offered unless you pay a small sum for premium services. Nevertheless, the free templates do a great job of demonstrating how you can make a better resume without even having to add or remove any content.

  • Get results with Resumesimo

Resumesimo is one of the most creative resume format 2019 choices on this list, and you’ll find it very useful if you’re in any design-related industry. There are several colorful templates to choose from and you can import data from LinkedIn or Facebook to speed things up a little.

Resumesimo cv

As with any of the other options here, Resumesimo lets you download your resume or send a link to your chosen recipients. You may find its approach a little too bright and cheerful for your professional resume, but it’s as good a resume building option as any of the other tools here.

Learning how to make resume 2019 ready is a tough task. The jobs market is heating up and it’s getting harder than ever to secure your dream job without a great deal of hassle and worry first. When you take extra special care as you build your resume, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to lift your career to the next level. Use the right tool for the task at hand, and you’ll achieve great success.

Find out everything about how to make resume 2019 friendly, and you’ll put yourself in pole position. Make all the right moves and get your career on track.