Resume Mistakes 2019: 7 Reasons Why Your Resume Looks Like a High-school Student

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There are so many things that can go wrong with your resume. The problem is that some of these errors are hard to recognize and even harder to fix without expert assistance. The last thing you want is for your painstakingly put together resume to look like that of an inexperienced and worldly unwise high school student. When you consider and remedy all the most commonly occurring resume mistakes 2019 will be the year in which you change your career prospects for good. And one more important thing is to pay attention to current resume formats 2019.

The Biggest Resume Mistakes of 2019

There are so many ways to blunder through the resume writing process that correcting the most frequent resume mistakes of 2019 is a real chore. Whether it’s down to an awkward style of writing, sloppy formatting or a poor and ineffectual way of describing accomplished tasks, there’s much that can go wrong. Learn what these silly mistakes are and you won’t ever make them, thus saving you a great deal of hassle and getting you right on the employment ladder.

Poor spelling and grammar

It really should go without saying that your grammar and spelling is supposed to be perfectly correct whenever you compose a document as important as your resume. However, it’s extremely common to see resumes that have been put together in what seems like 5 minutes. Take the extra time to carefully check your resume for any stupid mistakes that can be corrected with just a little bit of attention. As this is such an easy set of resume mistakes to avoid 2019 will not forgive you for making such blunders.

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Not everyone is a genius when it comes to the English language and it’s not just those who speak it as a foreign language who run into trouble from time to time. If you know in advance that you have issues with your usage of formal English such as is required when writing a resume, you should aim to get the expert help you need to make your resume as perfect as it can be.

Whether you want to get a trusted friend to give your resume the once over, or you’d rather submit your documents to a professional proofreader, it’s important that you do everything you can to avoid leaving grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your resume. Otherwise, they’ll be sitting there just like mines under the surface of a battlefield, just waiting for your hiring manager to come across them.


If there’s one thing that a well-targeted resume should be, it’s specific. The last thing you want to do is to blather on about this and that without actually addressing how the subject of your lengthy sentence actually applies to the job in question. Instead, you should be telling your future boss exactly what you did and why it made a real difference to your past employer’s bottom line.

Part of the concept of being specific is the quantification of your achievements. This is a vital part of your resume and you can’t just add numbers without thinking carefully about the consequences. You have to use facts and figures that you can back up easily by talking about them extensively during your interviews. If you can’t use these numbers as a tool to allow you to show how you specifically achieved something, then they aren’t worth including.

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Ultimately, you need to tell your prospective employer that you were able to definitively improve the performance of your current and previous companies. Simply adding a few different statistics to your resume means nothing if you can’t weave a story from it. Once your potential future boss can see exactly why what you did had such a big impact, then you’ve shown them why you’re the perfect candidate for the job at hand.

Lack of targeting

A significant proportion of people doesn’t bother to tailor each copy of their resume for each individual job posting. Instead, they compile one master resume and print it out hundreds of times, passing it to anyone who’ll accept it. This is absolutely not the right way to go about applying for a job that’s worth having.

While it’s a great idea to create a master list of all of your achievements and qualities, you must pick and choose which ones are most appropriate for any given employer. If you get this decision wrong, then you’ll run into some pretty big problems. Do your due diligence and make sure you know exactly how to tailor your resume to target each and every prospective employee perfectly.

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If you can prove to your hiring manager that you’ve carefully considered their requirements and have come to the reasonable conclusion that you’re a perfect fit for the job, then you’ll have far greater success than someone who has fired off a one-size-fits-all resume that doesn’t address the employer’s needs at all. Target each job individually and take the time to tailor your resume accordingly.

Duties over achievements

Oftentimes, people merely repeat their duties and responsibilities almost parrot-fashion as if this is going to impress anyone. A top class resume is one which explains in absolutely specific terms how the writer did what they did and talks unequivocally about the results of said actions. You should not be firing off a shortened version of all of your previous job descriptions. It’s supposed to be all about how you performed and not just what you did.

If you’re wondering exactly how to elaborate upon an achievement and are worried about falling into the all-too-common trap of just repeating your duties, consider that an achievement talks about how well you did a task. Compare this to a duty, which merely states what you did without any reference to the quality or effects of your work.

In terms of job applications and resume writing, an achievement is something that you made happen that went on to make a significant contribution to your employer’s business. Naturally, the finest achievements worth putting on any resume are those which can be quantified, that is to say, put into numbers. When you can provide concrete statistics regarding your input during your time with a particular company, future employers will look for you and your skills very favorably indeed.

Blathering on

The whole point of a resume is to provide a concise and clear summary of your achievements, qualifications, and skills acquired up to the present day. If you spend all your time waffling on instead of simply stating exactly how each of your achievements or skills is relevant to the job, you’ll just irritate and bore your reader. Instead, make sure that you only include content that’s absolutely necessary and directly related to the job in question.

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You shouldn’t allow yourself to write and write as if there’s no end in sight. That said, while it’s a good idea in most cases to keep your resume to a single, well-formatted page, you also shouldn’t feel forced to cut your document down to its bare bones just so it fits onto one page. After all, an experienced professional with 30 years of work under their belt is hardly going to be able to cram all the vital knowledge onto a single piece of paper.

As long as you’re concise and direct, being specific and targeted at all times, you will probably find it quite possible to use a single page for your resume. It’s easier to do if you’ve got a good template to work from or you’ve found a useful design to emulate, but don’t feel as if it’s mandatory for someone with heaps of experience to limit themselves for the sake of an arbitrary rule of thumb.

Ineffectual objective statements

Whether you should include an objective statement at all is a huge debate in and of itself but let’s say that you do want to include some kind of introductory sentence that gives focus to your resume. The problem with poorly worded objectives is that no one will understand your motives for applying to a given job and they may even be unable to see why you’re suited to the position.

Objective statements ultimately speak about what your intentions are career-wise, but unfortunately, many prospective employers simply don’t care all that much about your specific hopes and dreams. Instead, you need to be able to provide the company with what it needs at the same time as completing your own missions.

Rather than using an increasingly obsolete objective statement, you should try writing a summary of your professional life to whet your hiring manager’s appetite. The major things to include are your greatest achievements, your work history and how much experience you’ve obtained. Aim to get all this into one sentence, but don’t force it to the extent that it just sounds awkward. Also, don’t forget that you need not label the summary as such; it’s right at the top and pretty conspicuous so don’t waste valuable space.

Paying no attention to design details

It’s all too easy to cram your resume full of important details but forget that your reader is a fellow human being. No one wants to have to wade through a sea of text to extract the salient points. Make sure you take advantage of white space and create a resume that’s a pleasure to read.

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When you’re submitting a resume, you need to provide a document that’s going to encourage your prospective employer to read through it and quickly come to the understanding that you’re an ideal candidate for the job at hand. Clever use of a specially designed template will allow you to worry about the content while resting assured that your document will look attractive and professional.

Once you can identify the resume mistakes to avoid 2019 will become a much friendlier year on the jobs front. Even if you have slipped up and made a couple of these mistakes in resume 2019, at least you’ll know exactly how to put them right. Now that you can correct all the mistakes in resume 2019 is going to look a lot brighter.

Once you get to grips with all the things that can go wrong during the job hunting process, you’ll stand a much higher chance of getting the job you’ve always wanted. Take a look at the most frequently occurring resume mistakes 2019 expects to see, and you’ll put yourself in a much better position to apply for jobs and reach your full potential. With the proper preparation, your career will take off like a rocket.

Learn about all the most common resume mistakes 2019 and avoid them like the plague. Make all the right choices while writing your CV!