7 Resume Trends 2019 That Will Rock the World

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For better or worse, succeeding in the jobs market requires a massive case of keeping up with the Joneses. When you follow all the latest resume trends 2019 will offer far greater opportunities than you’ve ever had before. Avoid the resume mistakes 2019 and consider all of the most recent trends that are going to be seized upon during the summer and you’ll find the perfect niche from which to market yourself as the ideal candidate for any job vacancy.

The Resume 2019 Trends to Follow

Succeeding in finding a new job in a rapidly developing jobs market means following the latest and greatest trends closely. Whether this means taking an infographic approach or adding links to your social media accounts, make sure you know all about the most current resume trends 2019 for your particular industry niche. In general, it’s looking like resume 2019 trends are all to do with the intelligent presentation of data in integrated systems. Use the 7 trends below and boost your chances of employment.

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Visually engaging resumes

It’s very easy to create a resume that’ll bore your readers senseless, and you could be forgiven for thinking that there’s a rather simple way to boost your prospective employer’s interest in an instant. The best way to inject a bit of pizzazz into your resume is to make the most of the visually engaging formats and templates that allow you to show off your flair for design as well as demonstrating that you’re the right candidate for the job.

You might not realize it yet, but infographics can be a great way to display your qualities and achievements if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to note right off the bat that a poor infographics approach will confuse and irritate your readers. Nevertheless, when it’s done right, this method will blow your rivals out of the water with ease.

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The first thing to do in order to make sure that your resume hits the target is to divide it into a grid. Then, you can focus on using each grid square to demonstrate one point of interest. This one-for-one system is the only way to guarantee that such an approach will work just as planned.

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There are lots of different ways to turn your data into visually stimulating and yet highly informative infographics. For example, you could easily turn your work history into a timeline and then you might want to use simple and smart graphics to highlight particular skills related to each job mentioned. The best way to maximize the effect of infographics on your prospective employer is to use specially designed software like Adobe InDesign.

Creative approaches

If your resume could easily run on to a good few pages if you let it, then you’re likely finding it hard to decide what to put in and what to leave out from this most important of documents. It’s all about being concise and including only the information that’s most relevant to the job in question. One of the most effective creative approaches to achieving this vital goal is to create columns.

A columnar approach is especially useful if you’re going to submit your resume as a web page or some kind of digital document like a PDF file. You don’t even need any particular special skills to give your resume a boost, and it can quite easy to format your content into columns. To make your columns stand out from one another, you can use a different background color for the left-hand column which would typically include a summarized biography and some useful extra details like linguistic skills, social media contacts and other nuggets of information.

You can then format the right-hand column to be slightly wider than the left-hand side one. If you maintain a more traditional reverse chronological style within, you’ll have a resume that maximizes space and looks great at the same time. In this way, you’ll make a great first impression as your resume will show your prospective employer that you have a certain way with documents that’ll be difficult for your rivals to match.

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Leverage social media

Social media is becoming increasingly important in the professional world and it’s about time that you made the most of this incredible opportunity to get yourself known within your industry niche. It’s not all about plastering your weekend photos on Facebook and showing off your latest Instagram efforts, though. You need to focus on leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter if you want to achieve the best results.

There are so many interesting concepts that are popping up all the time, and adding a little extra to your resume is what could make all the difference. Even the corporate professionals at the summit of the business world are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, so you can easily use this opportunity to grab their attention like no one else can.

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Try generating a QR code and putting it right at the top of your resume: it’ll add an interesting pattern to your page of text and you can use the link within it to boost your content. For example, you could tie your LinkedIn page or even an online portfolio to this QR code. If you’re brave enough, you could even make a so-called living resume out of your QR code by linking it to a constantly updated Pinterest page.

Challenged by computers

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to even the most out-of-the-loop job seeker that keywords and phrases are present in every job posting. Their existence gives a hint as to what you need to include in your resume even if the particular reasons might have eluded you. The main reason is that hiring managers are resorting to the use of computerized applicant tracking programs to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The problem with this kind of computerized attempt at sorting applicants is that some of the best people for the role on offer may not have heard of the importance of using keywords. If not, then the company using applicant tracking software would have just missed out on getting themselves a very efficient employee. Make sure you’re not one of these unfortunate folk by learning all about the kinds of words to include as a standard part of your resume.

Generally speaking, the exact words that your prospective employers are looking for are actually printed on the job posting itself. If you happen to notice that certain words are repeated multiple times despite the fact that synonyms would normally have been used for the purpose of improving the flow of the sentences within the job advertisement, you’ve probably just stumbled upon a keyword that will have been programmed into the sorting program.

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There are lots of different categories of words which can be used to get you past the applicant tracking programs most commonly employed. For example, action verbs are those which demonstrate that you complete tasks in a way that really achieves measurable results for your employers. These are words like “accomplished” and “managed”. Using these will allow you to turn a boring and uninformative list of duties and responsibilities into a genuinely useful document.

With all that said, a resume that passes through the applicant tracking system with flying colors is not necessarily one that will impress a human hiring manager. As such, you need to be very careful as to how you proceed with the use of keywords. Although you’ll gain points with the machines, you’ll lose them with your actual future boss. Be careful and don’t repeat yourself more than a couple of times per keyword.

Quantify your achievements

Even if you’ve achieved wonderful things in your past jobs, you have to know how to display this information properly. Prospective employers want to see exactly what you were able to do for your previous companies, and the best way to show them your skills and abilities is to turn your achievements into numbers. Quantifying your achievements means calculating a percentage improvement or an increased proportion of a given variable and attributing this positive change to an action you’ve taken yourself.

For example, you might have increased the telephone sales conversion rate by 15% as a result of the development of a new and improved approach to your client targeting strategies. Whatever you’ve done to boost your company’s bottom line should be quantified and shown off. Numbers really bring your achievements to life.

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Effects of the gig economy

It used to be the case that employers would frown upon the inclusion in your resume of any jobs that were held for less than around two years. In fact, adding jobs that were anything less than six months in duration would have been considered corporate suicide even just a few years back. That’s all changing now thanks to the so-called gig economy.

Now that long-term jobs are harder to come by, talented people are doing all sorts of tasks on the side, whether it’s as freelance work or a bona fide second job. Owing to the necessity of such actions in many cases, employers can now see the benefits to be gained from hiring a person who has been juggling so many different plates at once and yet hasn’t smashed a single one.

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If you’ve had bit-part jobs here and there, you can easily turn those experiences into a positive thing. You just have to make sure that it appears like you’re a great multi-tasker who is able to manage a range of different and varied commitments while excelling at each and every one of them. Be sure to make sure that you don’t end up looking like a jack of all trades and a master of none, and you’ll soon have the job you’ve always been looking for.

How to Keep Track of the Latest Trends

It’s all very well and good reading an article on the latest developments regarding current resume trends 2019, but you need to develop the ability to identify and take advantage of newly appearing trends for yourself. This seemingly prescient skill isn’t anywhere near as hard to hone as you might think, and the tips below will help you to stay ahead of the pack with as little hassle as possible.

When first learning how to recognize current resume trends 2019 examples of the changes occurring are your best friends. As you begin to see the subtle changes that evolve over time, you’ll lose your dependence on current resume trends 2019 examples, but for now you should rely on them for a helping hand.

There are all kinds of new resume trends 2019 is going to throw at you, and now you’re ready for at least the main 7 concepts that’ll crop up then. Consider all of the different ways in which you can demonstrate your skills and show your prospective employer that you’re exactly the right person for the job. Staying on top of the latest trends is the best method for impressing your future boss.

Make the most of all the hot new resume trends 2019 has to offer and you’ll have a great job in no time at all. Consider all that you have to offer and sell your skills to the highest bidder.

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