Rules for Writing a Resume 2019: 9 Insanely Cool Resume Ideas

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hen there are so many different rules for writing a resume 2019 might have you locked into the same old job hunting cycle that ends in you working somewhere you’d rather not be. Alternatively, you could make the last year of this decade one to truly remember. There are all sorts of different ways in which you can inject some flavor into your resume or even video resume 2019, and all it takes is a little thought and a lot of bravery on your part. Consider the 9 insanely cool ideas here and you’ll see wonder what was stopping you before.

Should You Adhere Strictly to Resume Guidelines 2019?

Obviously, resume guidelines 2019 updates exist for a reason, but that’s not to say that you have to stick to them so blindly that you lose any individuality that may have gotten you the job that just slipped through your fingers. For creative positions, in particular, guidelines are exactly what they say they are: just a framework of ideas that work and have a guaranteed positive appeal whether you’re talking about salary negotiation or an actual interview.

It’s true that even in 2019 resume guidelines are there to be followed if you’re working in a traditional, old-fashioned industry sector, but all bets are off when it comes to more creative endeavors like web development and graphic design. Consider a wealth of ways to improve your employment chances by being a little different from the usual run-of-the-mill job applicants.

The Top 9 Ways to Break the Mold

As you can now see, the latest 2019 resume guidelines are there just to give you a general idea of what is expected of you by prospective employers and hiring managers. If you want to really make a difference and make your resume stand out, you should aim to bend, if not break, some of the rules and guidelines.

Make a movie poster

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to stand out in 2019 resume fonts are the way to go. In fact, in 2019 resume fonts like Times New Roman can get your resume thrown straight in the trash can at the most innovative firms. Fonts can be used for their optimal effect as part of a movie poster style approach.

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You should probably only dare to use this kind of method for a very creative position, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be a job within the filmmaking industry. If you make a poster that takes the very best elements of the classic era of hand painted movie posters, you won’t go far wrong in any creative employment-related endeavor.

Subvert social media layouts

Pretty much everyone and their dog has a social media presence nowadays, and even if they don’t, they’ll at least be familiar with how a Facebook page looks. You can leverage this familiarity and even use the different sections of a typical social media profile to present your skills, character, and abilities.

If you’re hoping to get a job in public relations or even social media itself, this approach would be very well received indeed. Read firstly LinkedIn resume writing tips.You could even include testimonials and references as part of a mock wall comments section. If you thought it was incorrect to add your references directly to your resume, then you thought wrong in this case.

Play a company at their own game

If the company to which you’re applying has their very own way of doing things, you can take advantage of this and display your credentials. If you can subvert a familiar design to fit your own needs. This would work particularly well in the case of highly innovative and progressive companies like Google.

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There’s a rather famous example of a LinkedIn profile that was engineered to look like a Google search. It got enough attention that an employee of the Internet giant themselves took notice and referred the creator for an interview right away. There’s nothing better than showing a company that you respect their outlook and approach to things than by flattering them with emulating their style.

Wax philosophical

You don’t have to stick completely to a traditional resume, particularly when the job in question is something a little out of the ordinary. When you’re applying for a position that requires a unique mix of typically creative activities alongside more academic and rigorous aspects, you could take the neurological left brain versus right brain dominant argument and turn it on its head.

If you put all of your critical thinking skills and achievements on one side of the page and then all of your creative endeavors on the other side, you can demonstrate each aspect of your character independently. Your hiring manager will naturally seek out information from the side that interests them the most. Ultimately, this situation could be a win-win scenario if you do it right.

Star quality

It’s perfectly safe to rate a movie with stars, but using a rating system on your own skills and qualities might seem like career suicide. On the one hand, you have to be brutally honest about your own shortcomings if this approach is to work, and secondly, you may end up giving yourself a low rating for a highly necessary quality that your hiring manager is looking for.

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Opting for a rating system for your various essential qualities is a risky move but one that may well pay off if you do it right. If you include one or two less essential character traits with a lower rating than is ideal, you will actually make the hiring manager more likely to believe your own high-scoring evaluation of some of the more necessary qualities that they’re looking for.

Scan for success

One of the more interesting approaches is more an adjunct to a traditional resume than it is an actual replacement for a more tried-and-tested writing style. This is the concept of using a QR code that your prospective employer can scan in order to access an interactive web page or other multimedia content that sheds a little more light on your character and achievements.

Using a QR code is a risky move because not all mobile devices are shipped with a ready-to-use scanning function. If it happens that your potential employer cannot view the content supplied via the QR code, then you’ve really wasted your time. In the worst case scenario, they’ll feel excluded from your resume and will look unfavorably upon the content that they see in front of them. However, if you’re applying to a tech-savvy company, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Design your way to success

You might not realize it yet, but infographics can be a great way to display your qualities and achievements if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to note right off the bat that a poor infographics approach will confuse and irritate your readers. Nevertheless, when it’s done right, this method will blow your rivals out of the water with ease.

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There are lots of different ways to turn your data into visually stimulating and yet highly informative infographics. For example, you could easily turn your work history into a timeline and then you might want to use simple and smart graphics to highlight particular skills related to each job mentioned. The best way to maximize the effect of infographics on your prospective employer is to use specially designed software like Adobe InDesign.

Showcase your skills

Rather than resorting to a skills-based resume to show off what you’re capable of, you might as well stick to a more traditional approach to the actual content while you use your formatting and layout to showcase your skills. You can make a great first impression when you use your design skills to create a resume that’s simply never been seen before.

Flow chart fun

You could take a radically different approach by using a flow chart to show that you meet the jobs various requirements. While you can’t elaborate too much on your skills and qualities if you take this approach, you can definitely say that you’ve addressed every potential concern that can be gleaned from the job posting that you originally saw. What’s more, a flow chart model will actually encourage your reader to look through everything properly.

Make sure you know which rules for writing a resume 2019 can be bent and which ones can be broken. Once you’re sure about how you want to approach your next interview, you can get started on your resume. Your documents will always be a talking point when it comes to interviews, but now you can make the topic a really interesting one and not just an obligation on the part of the interviewer.

Master all of the flexible rules for writing a resume 2019 and make the best possible first impression. Creativity is the key to your success.  

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