Top 10 Breathtaking Creative Resume Format 2019 Types

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As more and more people are becoming savvy to the latest trends in resume writing, you’re going to have to take special measures to stand out from the crowd. Whether you need to inject a little color or breathe a little extra life into your marketable and transferable skills. If you consider all the possibilities when you compose a new creative resume format 2019 is going to be the year that all your hard work finally pays off. So, what is a resume advice 2019?

Some New Ideas to Consider

You’ll already be highly aware that any worthy resume 2019 format is far more than just a boring account of your employment history. There are plenty of new ideas that are popping up all over the place and it’s your task to decide which concepts to adopt and which to drop like a hot potato. These sorts of things go way beyond playing around with outline and colors, so check them out and see what you can learn.

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Choosing the Best Resume Format for 2019

Selecting a single best resume format for 2019 is a difficult task. The right template to use for your particular industry niche depends on a lot of different factors and might be subject to change at any point in time. Consider the top 10 breathtaking options here and make sure that your highly marketable skills and exemplary work history are presented in the best possible light.

1. The traditional tried and tested template

One resume 2019 format that’s not going to change too much in the foreseeable future is the reverse chronological approach. Some things are classics for a very good reason, and that’s certainly true of this venerable resume type. If you want to make sure absolutely sure that you adopt a proper resume format 2019 will respect, sticking to a firm favorite will stand you in good stead.

It may seem boring to opt for something that practically everyone does, but some hiring managers are averse to change and will respond well to a style with which they’re familiar. It’s up to you to do your research and work out what kind of company you’re hoping to work for and what sort of approach they’d prefer you to take when outlining your skills and achievements.

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2. Show off your skill set

If you’re looking to highlight specific capabilities you’ve acquired over the years and you would perhaps prefer to gloss over a few gaps in your employment here and there, then you might want to opt for a skills-based approach. You have to be careful when choosing this kind of template, but when it’s done right, this style is certainly a proper resume format 2019 can accept.

Even when you use a resume format that highlights your abilities at the expense of a detailed history of your employment, it’s still a wise choice to avoid hiding any gaps in your work life. As long as your combination of skills truly is unique, you can afford to be completely honest about any missing time in your story. Just be honest and demonstrate how your time away from the workplace has benefitted your skill set in some way.

3. Cut down on clutter with columns

If you’ve got a resume that could easily extend to two or three pages if you didn’t hold back, then you’re probably struggling to decide what to add and what to exclude from your document. The trick is to be concise and include only the information that’s most relevant to the job to which you’re applying. One way to achieve this important goal is to use columns.

Particularly if you’re going to submit your resume as a web page or some kind of digital document, it can be a lot easier to format your content into columns than you might have thought. You can use a different background color to make a column on the left-hand side that includes a concise biography and some useful details like language competencies, social media contacts and so on.

If you make the right-hand column slightly wider and keep to a more traditional reverse chronological style within, you’ll have a resume that maximizes space and looks great at the same time. In this way, even your resume will show your prospective employer that you have a certain way with documents that’ll be difficult to match.

4. Visuals are vital

You don’t have to stick to a columnar approach, as inventive and smart-looking as it may be. You can adopt a number of different visual styles to separate your information into easily manageable chunks that a tired hiring manager can digest with little effort on their part. Welcome to the grid structure approach.

By using both columns and rows, you create a tabular format that allows your reader to quickly find the information they’re looking for. Not only this, but if you make it to the interview stage, your interviewer can easily refer to different facts and figures to quiz you. The simplicity of this approach will be much appreciated and you’ll find that interviews will pass by with much less stress for all involved when you use a grid structure.

After all, making your resume a genuine pleasure to read will give you huge bonus points with your interviewers, hiring managers and anyone else who needs to look through it. Making their life easier while simultaneously showing off your incredible ability to present information in a digestible format will pay dividends for sure.

5. Engage your reader with infographics

You might not realize it yet, but infographics can be a great way to display your qualities and achievements if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to note right off the bat that a poor infographics approach will confuse and irritate your readers. Nevertheless, when it’s done right, this method will blow your rivals out of the water with ease.

The first thing in our resume tips 2019 is making sure that your resume hits the target is to divide it into a grid. Then, you can focus on using each grid square to demonstrate one point of interest. This one-for-one system is the only way to guarantee that such an approach will work just as planned.

There are lots of different ways to turn your data into visually stimulating and yet highly informative infographics. For example, you could easily turn your work history into a timeline and then you might want to use simple and smart graphics to highlight particular skills related to each job mentioned. The best way to maximize the effect of infographics on your prospective employer is to use specially designed software like Adobe InDesign.

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6. Take inspiration from your work

You can make things a little more interesting just by taking some inspiration from what you actually do for a living. This is easier said than done with certain professions and you don’t want to look like you’re not taking things seriously. This can be a great design feature for an otherwise rather boring resume, so consider adding a bit of life to your document.

If you work in the IT sector, you could easily put together a clean layout that uses icons and bars to demonstrate your skills. If you’re in the business of desiring web pages, then the very design of your own resume can play a role in getting you your dream job. Make sure you choose a font that fits your industry sector well in terms of the spirit of the job and professionalism. For example, working in the publishing industry would easily allow you to use a font like Baskerville.

7. Simplicity means superiority

The last thing you want to do is over-complicate matters and fill your pages with clutter and pointless extra information. It’s certainly a good idea to use infographics and clever layout styles, but you have to know when to tone it down a little. If you’re applying for a job in admin, or you’re going to work for a well-established and seriously traditional company, you really don’t want to try and rock the boat with your resume.

Instead, take a minimalistic approach and remove any photographs or over-the-top splashes of color. You could still opt to use columns or grids, but perhaps you might want to avoid the use of infographics when submitting your resume to employers who aren’t used to novel ways of presenting achievements.

8. Personalize your portfolio

There’s nothing worse than a generic, bland resume that looks like it was put together in five minutes and printed off and sent in batches to hundreds of companies. The last thing your prospective employer wants to feel is that you’ve ignored or not spent the time to get to know their company’s goals, needs, and preferences. One way to show respect to your potential boss is to create a personalized approach that simultaneously turns your document into an individual brand and shows them how you’re perfectly suited to work with their particular business.

You can use custom designed logos and develop a consistent manner of using certain typefaces and text formatting. Adhere to your own rules regarding subheadings, paragraphs and all the other aspects of layout and formatting. Consider making a web page that also sticks to your own individual style with an individual link for each employer to whom you sent your resume.

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9. Work on a web page

While traditional printed resumes have a certain time and place at which they should be used, you’ll often find yourself submitting your documents online. You should use this opportunity to make a personal website template that provides your potential boss with an interactive page that lets them explore your capabilities further.

The main thing not to forget is to adapt your page to work on mobile devices. After all, your future employer might use a long commute to wade through all the resumes the company has received. By doing this, you will have shown yourself to be one step ahead of the competition, a vital thing to prove as early as possible in the hiring process. Just remember to integrate your printed resume with any digital content and you’ll be well on your way to success.

10. Don’t forget to be professional

When you’re thinking up the latest way to be creative and present yourself in a unique light, it can be all too easy to forget that you’re supposed to demonstrate your suitability to join a professional team of hardworking individuals. You need to balance creativity and professionalism very carefully.

If you are all about creativity but look like a scatterbrained abstract painter, things won’t go as planned. Likewise, applying for a creative job using a resume that an accountant would be proud of is also going to be a ship that hits the rocks pretty quickly. Think about what your industry niche requires of you and make the right choice.

When it comes to designing and implementing a creative resume format 2019 is your time to shine. Consider all of the options above and see which style fits your needs best. Whether you need to be super creative and unique or you just want to add a little spice to proceedings, one of these 10 options will suit you just fine. Stand out from the crowd and you’ll get the job you’ve always wanted.

Get to grips with all potential opportunities that come with developing a creative resume format 2019. Unleash your inner artist and paint yourself a brighter future.