Top 10 Resume Keywords You Need to Put on Your CV in 2019

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There are several reasons why you need to include certain phrases and words in your resume to achieve the highest levels of success. Mostly, the reason is that hiring managers are resorting to the use of computerized applicant tracking programs to sort the wheat from the chaff. This approach makes it so easy to be ignored even when you’re the best candidate by a mile. Make sure that you include all the latest resume keywords 2019 will want to see and you’ll meet with all the success you’ve been waiting for. Be aware of the latest resume trends 2019 and jeep reading!

Using Keywords to Your Advantage

Employing the right buzzwords to achieve an optimal effect is a skill that you’re going to have to master if you want to get the job of your dreams. The fact that job application success comes down to the inclusion of particular keywords for resume 2019 and the exclusion of others is a little silly, really, but that’s what’s happening and you have to come to terms with it.

Simply put, hiring managers often don’t have the time or inclination to look through hundreds or even thousands of applications manually. Instead, they opt to use a type of applicant tracking software that records and counts particular words specified by the people in the human resources department of the given company. That’s why you need to pay special attention to the kinds of keywords for resume 2019 will expect you to use.

Even if your prospective employer does go through stacks of resumes in the old fashioned way, you still have to use the same key phrases and words that a machine would be programmed to find. These words must be specially chosen to garner the reader’s attention and interest, thus giving you first dibs at the job at hand. Make sure you know which are the best resume keywords 2019 needs you to include in your application for the machine and human eye alike.

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The Essential Resume Keywords List 2019

It really depends on your chosen industry niche, but as a general rule, one can say that there is a rather definitive resume keywords list 2019. Some words and phrases transcend the natural barriers that exist between various job categories, and it’s your task to learn which these are. Consider the best resume keywords 2019 is expecting from you and make sure that you put the right words in exactly the right places. Only then can you hope to get your dream job this year.

Action verbs

Although verbs by their very definition have to do with actions, not all verbs are created equal. Some verbs have a far greater impression on our minds than others, and it’s this phenomenon you must take advantage of as you write your resume.

Action verbs ultimately demonstrate that you get things done properly and in a way that really achieves results for your employers. These are words like “accomplished” and “managed”. You can find them in the best resume objectives 2019. Using these will allow you to turn a boring and uninformative list of duties and responsibilities into a genuinely useful document that’ll allow your prospective employer to come to a decision.

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Relevant words

Even if you’re the perfect candidate for a given job, your potential employer can’t possibly know that unless you use the right words to get past the applicant tracking system they rely on to screen their job hopefuls. The easiest way to find out which words to use is to examine the original job description and any materials associated with it. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the company’s website to see if you can glean any more information from it. You might even be able to access internal documents that will further help your cause.

Even if there aren’t any materials from which you gain a better understanding which kinds of words the applicant tracking system is probably programmed to recognize, you can take a look at other similar job postings on all the biggest online job searching websites. You could even go a step further and try to contact some industry insiders to learn about the latest changes to the kinds of keywords expected from applicants to the field. Of course, it helps if you already somehow know these people as they’ll be far more inclined to help you out.

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What Else?

When you’re communicating directly with other people, constantly repeating yourself is annoying for all involved. However, this observation isn’t one that can be applied to the machine world. In fact, you should be aware that the points awarded for use of given keywords is actually cumulative in nature. In other words, including these particular phrases more than once will get you bonus points rather than any penalties.

With all that said, a resume that passes through the applicant tracking system with flying colors is not necessarily one that will impress a human hiring manager. As such, you need to be very careful as to how you proceed with the use of keywords. Although you’ll gain points with the machines, you’ll lose them with your actual future boss. Be careful and don’t repeat yourself more than a couple of times per keyword.

Use a skills section 

It can be difficult to know when and how to include certain keywords that you’re convinced will help you in your quest to get the job of your dreams. One of the simplest ways around this is to summarize your qualifications using these keywords. That way, you don’t have to concern yourself with trying to describe various roles and responsibilities in terms that’ll be understood by applicant tracking systems and people alike.

Tailor your resume

You really should never write a generic resume and then send it out to all and sundry. It will be noticed immediately and your resume will be the first to hit the bottom of the trashcan. Instead, focus on writing individual resumes that have been uniquely tailored for the job at hand. Make sure you carefully analyze the job description given in any materials you can get your hands on, and then use the keywords that the company itself has chosen to use.

Don’t forget that your wording still has to sound natural and read well, so don’t try to stuff as many keywords as possible into your document. This will make it obvious that you’re taking things too literally and basically trying to cheat the system. Although you have to play the game and jump through these hoops, you still have preserved a semblance of a naturally worded and effective resume that isn’t just an exercise in ticking boxes.

Dates could determine everything

Most of the time, applicant tracking systems are programmed to weed out the less experienced candidates simply from the dates of their employment on a typical reverse chronological resume. You can avoid this potential pitfall simply by adding all the relevant dates to each job mentioned on your resume.

Even if you don’t have much experience at all, sometimes employers are only looking for a couple of years of experience in a profession that’s even indirectly related to the one to which you’re applying. Don’t be afraid of putting numbers on your resume, whether they’re dates, times or anything else at all.

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Keep It Simple

All the various bells and whistles that you can add to a resume for the benefit of human eyes and brains are a little bit lost on programs like applicant trackers. In fact, if you use a complicated template and submit your documents in PDF format, you could end up losing out as the program will be unable to properly read and analyze the content of your resume.

For the purposes of submission to applicant tracking systems, stick to the tried-and-tested principles of resume design and writing. There’s nothing wrong with including a basic-looking resume for the benefit of the computer and then offering a proper version for your hiring manager. If you do so, you may even impress your prospective employer with your knowledge of how the whole system works.

Don’t worry about single pages

It’s often recommended that you stick to a single page when writing a resume. This doesn’t quite apply in the case of more experienced professionals and it certainly doesn’t matter when you need to add a few more keywords to your document.

If you need to resort to a two-page resume to make sure that you get all the keywords you need into your resume, then go ahead and do it. After all, it’s better to have a longer resume that passes the tracking program’s tests than to have a shorter one that doesn’t even make it to the hiring manager’s desk.

Treat software and people differently

As alluded to throughout this article, what machines are programmed to mark as exemplary and what human beings think is good are often two very different things. While you should still use keywords when submitting applications directly to real people, you have to avoid the slightly exaggerated approach that you need to take with application tracking systems. Include useful action verbs and other keywords only twice or so each.

Keywords Are Not the Be All and End All

There’s no doubt that keywords are very important, but you must always remember that it’s often better if you can develop your network of professional acquaintances to such an extent that you’ll always have a friendly face at any company in your industry to which you apply. Ask their advice on which keywords are most likely to get you the success you deserve.

If you leverage all the information you can find about resume keywords 2019 is going to be a great year for your employment prospects. Use all the tips here to find exactly the right keywords to use for your specific industry niche. Following a proactive approach like this will reap big rewards if you do it right.

When you make the most of everything you now know about resume keywords 2019 will treat you very well indeed. Make the right choices and you’ll surely reach your full potential.